From roadshows to retail to construction
20 July 2017

The mobile workforce is growing at a rapid rate, and savvy businesses are equipping themselves with the latest technology to harness the increased productivity this trend has offered. This technology is especially useful if your business often requires use of temporary spaces. Whether you want to run an engaging roadshow, keep your pop-up store connected or collaborate with your construction team in remote locations, here are 3 effective ways you can maximise the power of your mobile workforce:


Regulate management


Insufficient management of your on-the-go employees could mean work that doesn’t meet the necessary goals. On the other hand, the temptation to constantly check in on employees who are outside the office can also be overwhelming.

However, keep in mind that most people don’t respond well to being micromanaged. Instead, make sure to set clear goals and focus your time on “equipping each worker with the resources they need and removing obstacles to success. Some of these obstacles could include parts discrepancies, logistical complications, communication errors, or even vehicle malfunctions.”i

For a simple way to keep track of the basics, try workforce management systems, which act as mobile HR tools. A good solution can help keep track of your mobile employees’ time and attendance, and even enable employees to swap shifts and view their schedule at one glance.


Use wearable technology


Pairing any workforce management software you might have with hands-free devices like smart glasses and watches can help you and your employees keep track of the latest updates on the go. They can do anything from finding the right location instantly with the Apple watch GPS to accepting payment with Samsung Gear S3’s Samsung pay interface.

Energy utility group Singapore Power (SP), for example, plans to implement wearable tech “transmit real-time data between field staff and their supervisors. This will allow experts and specialists to share information quickly with the help of real-time visuals”ii.

Stay connected


Smart technology is at its most effective with a reliable broadband connection, which can be tricky when you’re not in a fixed office.

StarHub’s Business Wireless Broadband (4G) lets you create a convenient and cost-effective connectivity network for remote sites and short-term work locations.  The solution offers seamless internet connectivity on StarHub's robust 4G mobile network with business-grade router; enabling broadband deployment for up to 20 devices. For instance, architects and enginners can access internet for email communications at construction sites.

Similarly, roadshows are managed in a much smoother, cost-effective way with your mobile staff able to continuously stay online to document consumer information, communicate with team members in the office and access internet for informaton. In addition, it allows anyone from a bazaar vendor to a pop-up store cashier to offer customers a wider range of payment methods with mobile POS connectivity.

Track and use data


Tracking everything from inventory to consumer reception can be a useful way to better plan for future projects.

For example, roadshow officials can use registration systems to collect and analyse data on the type of people each roadshow attracts, according to demographics like occupation or age group. This way, they can craft more targeted messaging for future roadshows and marketing materials.

If you’re in the Construction sector, data-run solutions can help you decrease material costs, save time and reduce errors. Surveys from as early as 2008 have seen companies declare productivity hikes of up to 82%, and up to 40% prevention of unbudgeted changeiii with Business Information Modelling technology.

Digital innovation has made it infinitely easier for employees to go mobile and stay productive. SMEs should stay up to date on the latest technological developments, and keep an eye out for ways to update their IT infrastructure and boost efficiency.


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