Leverage the festive season to boost your ROI

25 January 2018

Holidays. New Year.

The time people enjoy a break from work. It’s also the time brands get to show off how relevant, creative or clever they are through their campaigns. For good reason -- since the general uptick in consumer happiness levels is more than likely to trickle down to their spending, but more so because it’s the season of giving and sharing.

During such competitive times, how do you make sure your marketing efforts can catch your consumers’ attention?


Personalise your campaign

Instead of competing for customers’ attention with many other brands who are also doing the same, why not cut through the clutter and go a step further to involve and engage them in your campaign? When customers feel included, they’re more likely to have a positive impression of your brand -- it shows that you understand them and want to build a relationship with them instead of taking their money. Creating genuine and fun experiences that customers enjoy mean they are more likely to share it to their own social networks.

Uber Singapore created a huge buzz during Chinese New Year in 2016 with their “#UBERLIONDANCE” guerilla campaign.i Families and businesses enjoyed on-demand lion dance performances by booking through the Uber app.

Activate your staff

Leads from employee social marketing are 7 times more likely to convert than other leads.i

Want to guess who knows your brand better than your customers? That’s right, your employees. They are your brand advocates. They can create real impact in boosting and extending the reach of your campaign, especially when only 2-8% of employee social networks overlap with the company’s networks.ii

While your employees should comply to social media policies, it’s also important that your company supports a culture wherein they can freely talk about the brand they’re working on.

Get them involved in your campaign, whether it is through sharing on social media or participating in the campaign in other ways, such as having a hand in its creation.


Break out of the mold

Festive season is the best time to get creative! Create special limited editions of your products or packaging that are tailored to the particular holiday for a timely promotion, and take the opportunity to challenge traditions and develop a fresh take on your brand.

Not only does doing so bring more life and a human touch -- as opposed to appearing like a run-of-the-mill corporation -- it also shows that your brand cares about the festivities and occasions that they do. This becomes even more apparent for holidays such as Chinese New Year, National Day and Christmas, where there are associations to the customers’ identity and culture.

Tiger Beer wheeled in a good start to Chinese New Year by collaborating with award-winning artist Victo Hgai to create contemporary visuals that showcased the festivity with a novel look and style.iii The oriental style of painting also featured symbols such as koi fish, which is traditionally associated with prosperity.

Build unexpected collaborations

Besides leveraging on an expanded network, a meaningful partnership can be refreshing to consumers as well. It results in a unique blend of two different brands or styles. Explore collaborations with brands that you would never have usually thought of, and that could just spark off an ingenious campaign. Such a pairing becomes even more powerful when your partner of choice has special relevance to the holiday at hand.

For example, notebook maker Moleskine collaborated with modern Chinese fashion label Shanghai Tang to come up with a limited-edition collection of stylish diaries, inspired by Chinese culture, traditions and beliefs to celebrate the year of the Monkey.v

The festive period gives your brand the freedom to be more lighthearted and unconventional. Allow your team to have some fun coming up with creative ideas, and you might have on your hands a winner or two. Ultimately, campaigns that can connect and resonate with customers will successfully provide your brand with a festive boost.


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