Wi-Fi as a Competitive Advantage for Hotels
1 June 2017

When travelling, most people are concerned about being able to stay in touch. This could be for work, or for friends and family. Whatever the motivation, services that enable better communications invariably result in greater customer satisfaction.

Hotels are increasingly aware that customers are not only embracing internet connected devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops; but they actually expect to be able to use them while on the road, no matter which hotel they may choose to stay in. Many hotels now offer the latest 802.11ac standard for wireless connectivity to ensure that they are able to offer the best connections for their guests.

On another note, hotel staff used to be desk-bound as most applications are only allowed to be run from the company’s internal network. However, this has drastically changed with powerful and efficient applications increasingly served through the cloud. Staff can now move around and still access work critical applications or get jobs assigned through their handheld devices. This saves time and helps improve work productivity.

With guests expecting reliable internet connectivity and hotel applications becoming more sophisticated and mobile friendly, many hotels have stepped into the cloud.

HSIA implementations improve ROI


When a hotel implements High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), hotel guests can make full advantage of the various services at the hotels without any disruption, including self-service check-in, smart fitness suites, business conference centers, high performance online access, streaming video in rooms or public areas, and more.

A strong WiFi solution is also important when hotels offer services for events and functions, where many guests convene at a single location and of course, expecting to have WiFi connectivity. The ability to fulfil guests’ needs will enhance the customers’ experience, resulting in a positive impression of the hotel.

Enterprise grade implementations are key


In a complex environment like a hotel, there are many considerations when setting up WiFi access. The solution provided needs to be able to cater to different levels of authorised access, including control of the upload and download speeds as well as specifying allowed applications that can access the internet. The solution should cater for highly dense environment for multiple concurrent user access.

With a comprehensive HSIA solution, the hotel can define inividual landing pages for respoective segments, offering a morecan define individual landing pages for respective segments, offering a more customised experience for their guests.

Improving customer loyalty


By offering a comprehensive and reliable WiFi service, hotels add value to the customers by:

  • Creating a safe and secure access to the Internet for hotel guests 
  • Create more brand recall value and customised service experience to delight customers through data analytics

When choosing your partner to implement your wireless solution for your hotel, be sure to check not only the technical competencies of the operator, but also the relevant experience they have, to cater to a high volume WiFi environment. Operators like StarHub have been offering cost effective enterprise-grade WLAN services that have proven to be secure, scalable and flexible. Combined with analytics solutions, this is a powerful tool for hotel establishments.

Contact StarHub today to learn more about how you can benefit from implementing a comprehensive wireless solution.


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