Getting the right UTM for your business.
16 September 2016

There really is no way around this cold, hard fact – at some point, your online presence will be attacked. Every organisation, no matter which industry or sector, needs to protect itself from malicious hackers, virus and bugs.

In the past, there have been many different approaches and concepts towards security for the IT Infrastructure. While some organisations focus on intrusion detection, others might focus on malware protection or even just basic firewall protection. Recent developments have pushed the Unified Threat Management (UTM) as a popular solution that is being considered by many organisations.

UTM is essentially a suite of security software and network protection systems integrated into a single device. With UTMs “all-in-one” approach, many smaller enterprises which do not have dedicated IT security professionals will benefit. This is due to the relatively simple configuration, deployment and tools that are available to them within the UTM solution. There are many UTM solutions in the market and it is important to select the right UTM that is both cost effective and able to cover their security requirements.


Here are some key points to consider when selecting your UTM:


Many UTM tout the fact that they are easy to deploy. Consider your organisation’s technical capabilities and your appetite for security related activities. Besides protection and security, the UTM should also be easy to monitor and manage. Without a strong technical team, for example, an organisation can consider a fully managed service instead of simply installing a device. This means that the service provider will configure and manage your UTM devices, allowing your staff to focus on day to day operations and you will have a single point of contact for your threat management needs


Most UTM should come with a few basic essentials such as Firewall, Network Protection, Anti- malware, Web Protection Filtering and more. Some of the better UTM solutions will include additional protection such as Web Server Protection, and Mail Protection. It is important that the UTM covers your security needs and also have options to cover areas where you might consider protecting in future.


While UTM solutions come with many capabilities and features, it is important to note that business needs can change over time. Of course, when you first deploy the UTM solution, you will ensure the completeness of the solution and how well it can meet your immediate needs. Selecting the right solution also means choosing a brand that is not only well known, but is committed to developing the solution further. Choosing the right UTM for your organisation is not a simple task. Yet, the guiding principles are clear. When you create your checklist, do not focus merely on features and functions required, but also consider the points listed above.

The StarHub UTM solution offers a high performance, enterprise-grade technology that requires no capital investment. Simply pay for what you need, in easy monthly instalments. You will have access to expert technical support whenever you need it, so you can enjoy full protection.


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