Financial Services Institutions embrace FinTech.


There is no industry that hackers won't target as long as they have something to gain from it, and Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) are high on their target list for obvious reasons. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is committed to transforming Singapore into a Smart Financial Centre by encouraging FSIs to embrace financial technology (FinTech) to stay ahead of the pack. One of the FSI technology challenges involves the need to provide a reliable, high speed WiFi solution for their employees and customers while complying with the strict security standards imposed by the MAS. Such a WiFi solution has to be easy to use, brings minimum deployment challenges, and simple to administer and manage.


WiFi for enriching customer service


In today’s digitally hyper connected world, FSIs need to ensure that their customers and network are secured and yet easy to stay connected.Beyond just customer service enhancement, providing WiFi also allows the company to capture the customer’s profile and user behaviour.

Once connected, the WiFi network can gather customer data that will help identify key trends and surfing behaviour. For example, are customers comparing rates with your competitors website while waiting to be served or are they catching up on financial news. Employing analytics is a simple and powerful way for companies to gain insights, and to better engage them.

This can be enabled simply by encouraging users to sign into a secured and free WiFi.The next time the customer enters the establishment, they can be identified and can receive information, offers, and promotions that are relevant to them. Such targeted marketing will greatly increase the conversion rates for products and services.


WiFi for work


By offering a powerful and reliable WiFi service, FSIs can enhance staff productivity by giving them access to corporate application which employees rely on for daily operations: all these, while staying mobile.

For customers, this value-added service can create a positive touchpoint leading to increased trust and opportunities for interactions which go beyond emailing information and promotions.

When choosing your partner to implement your wireless solution, be sure to check not only their technical competencies, but also their experience in providing a highly secured WiFi environment. Operators like StarHub have been offering such cost effective, enterprise-grade WLAN services that have been proven to be secure, scalable and practical.

Combined with business analytics solutions, this is a powerful tool for FSIs to understand and engage their customers in a holistic manner. Contact your service provider today to learn more about how you can benefit from implementing an effective wireless solution.


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