Accelerate your Digital Transformation with StarHub Migration Capabilities

StarHub Cloud Offerings allows organisations like yours to take advantage of our trusted cloud capabilities and security compliance through our ISO standards to migrate your on premises workloads to the AWS cloud. With a complete range of solutions that span cloud connectivity, cloud infrastructure, cloud management and automation, and application modernisation you can focus on meeting business needs and transformation driving value instead of managing your infrastructure needs.

Our full suite of managed cloud services are supported by a team of certified professionals and well-architected frameworks to ensure seamless creation of comprehensive public, private, hybrid and/or multi-cloud strategy and deployment which serves as a perfect fit for your business.


How we will start your journey:

We will do a full assessment on your technical environment, and present to your organisation on the savings of the proposed migration plan using objective data collected from the assessment, together with a detailed project plan (Statement of Work with timeline) that will walkthrough the migration plan from start to finish. 


The StarHub advantage

Key benefits of Migrating to AWS

Cost Reduction

  • Retiring legacy infrastructure in favor of more efficient AWS solutions is virtually certain to bring costs down. 
  • IDC projects: 51% reduction in operational costs 31% lower 5-year TCO. 


Agility & Staff Productivity

  • Flexible AWS architecture improves business agility, while automation allows staff to increase the pace of innovation and dedicate more time to important tasks. 
  • Agility 

18.8% faster time-to-market

33.8% higher app revenue per user 

26.4% more features and fixes per release

  • Productivity 

62% better IT staff productivity

After 3+ years on AWS, the average IT admin can: Gain 3.3x better IT staff productivity 

Gain 3.2x more terabytes of data


Improved Security & Operational Resilence

  • Migrating and modernizing with AWS hardens security to help protect against cyber attacks, define and manage access policies, and prevent unauthorized disclosure and modification using encryption and policy-driven controls. AWS also helps ensure resiliency, providing high availability with virtually unlimited failover capacity.
  • Security: 43.4% fewer monthly security incidents 
  • Resilience: 7x less downtime


Hardware/Software End-of-Life

  • Many organizations migrate to AWS due to the end-of-life (EOL) of their hardware/software licensing and/or support. These companies see the cloud as an opportunity to improve depreciating capabilities and to end or shorten refresh cycles. This is especially compelling for organizations running Windows workloads and applications. AWS runs nearly 2x more Windows server instances than the next largest cloud provider, according to an IDC report.
  • Migrate Windows-based environments to AWS and achieve, on average: 
  • 442% Five-year ROI
  • 9-month break-even point
  • 56% Cost savings


Data Center Consolidation

  • Organizations can spend less time managing data centers and more time running their businesses by migrating to AWS


Digital Transformation

  • Migrating to AWS helps businesses achieve digital transformation by boosting agility, enabling broader use of advanced technologies, and facilitating culture change.


Going Global Quickly, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • When customers choose to migrate to AWS, they gain access to a global network of data centers – enabling rapid, strategic scalability. AWS also makes it easier to integrate digital assets, shortening and streamlining M&A procedures.
  • AWS Global Infrastructure:
  • 32 Launched Regions each with multiple Availability Zones (AZs) 
  • 102 availability zones
  • 245 countries and territories


New Technologies (AI/ML & IoT)

  • Migrating to AWS is a more economical and practical solution for meeting the data storage and computational requirements of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and Internet of Things (IoT).


Who is suitable?

Any organisation that has:

(1) customers who have huge data storage and processing requirements for daily work processes  

(2) customers who want to manage their database in a cost effective and secure environment on the cloud. 

(3) wants to explore moving from on premises or wanting to adopt a full or hybrid cloud strategy 

Transform with StarHub Migration Capabilities

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