CIO Top 10 Predictions for 2016 (APEJ)

As we start 2016, IDC has laid out a vision for the 10 most important shifts that will happen in IT organisations over the next 36 months, as CIOs transform from a “crisis in leadership”to the “calm of execution”. These predictions provide a strategic context that will enable CIOs and Senior IT leaders to step into a critical role and lead their organisations through a period of accelerating digital transformation.


APEJ at a Glance


As a result of digital transformation (DX) and the transformation required of CIOs and IT leaders, 2016 will prove to be a challenging year as 3 key challenges are highlighted:

  • Business need. As many as 60% of APAC top 1000 enterprises will put DX at the center of their corporate strategy. In response, CIOs are considering how they and their organisations will participate in the digital transformation of their enterprise
  • Capabilities. Despite their aspirations to become leaders who can drive innovation and create new digital revenue streams for their organisations, only 15% of CIOs in the region see themselves as such today.
  • Availability. CIOs are focused on a significant transition within their own IT organisations – delivering legacy IT services more efficiently and at a decreasing percent of overall IT budget while maintaining the traditional values of security, consistency, and availability – leaving little time for leading the digital transformation of the business.

To help CIOs and Senior IT leaders shape your strategic plan for your organisation’s business transformation, we are providing a complimentary copy of IDC’s top 10 predictions for 2016 CIO Agenda (report worth US$4,500) which will hopefully help you lead your organization in evolving your own DX framework.

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