Harness the power of technology to solve your SME challenges.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have contributed significantly to Singapore’s growth, but what it takes to be successful is changing in today’s digital economy.

Despite multiple government grants and programmes, SMEs’ adoption of digital solutions has been tardy. In our survey, Singaporean SMEs identified the struggle to keep up with technology as one of their top business challenges.

To help SMEs like yourself ease the digitalisation process, StarHub partnered Ovum to develop this simplified guide with the right solutions you need to alleviate key business pain-points.

Singaporean SMEs: Top 5 Business Challenges

Keeping up to date with technology

Hiring and keeping staff

Marketing/ finding new customers

Dealing with competition

Managing costs & profitability

In this exclusive whitepaper, you'll discover insights on:


  • The right tools to better manage costs and profitability
  • Strategies to boost ROI in sales and marketing
  • How to attract and retain millennial-age employees
  • Protection measures against online threats

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