Cyber Threat Monitoring Solutions: Effective Cybersecurity

This IDC Technology Spotlight examines the business pain points and vulnerabilities faced by enterprises when embarking on their digital transformation, especially the impact of cyberthreats on an organization. The document discusses how StarHub’s network-centric cyber threat monitoring solution can help enterprises address some of the challenges and its role in the fast growing managed security services market.


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Cyber Threat Intelligence: An Essential Solution for Proactive Security

This IDC Technology Spotlight examines organisations’ need for cyber threat intelligence, as cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated. 

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Case Study: Failsafe connectivity solutions for financial services

StarHub ensure high availability and resilience network for mission-critical financial services industry.

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4 key considerations of a data centre strategy

As IT budgets shrink, IT challenges grow – rising capacity requirements, endless demands to ‘do more with less’, and the need to leverage new technologies in order to stay competitive.

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