FREE subscription +
500 monthly SMS for 6 months


StarHub Enterprise Messaging provides accurate and timely information to staff and customers across the island using SMS and email for your business continuity management.


What's in the package?

Monthly subscription*


Platform user access

1x user access to Enterprise Messaging Platform

Total engagements

Free 500 SMS per month for the first 6 months. Thereafter, it is $0.05 per SMS


Online reports to view and monitor SMS usage in real-time


Basic support through email and online support enquiry form


Online training which includes online platform walkthrough and access to a library of training videos



Minimum contract term of 24 months including the free 6 months.

Benefits of Enterprise Messaging
Real-time communication channel

Communication channel for customer interaction using email or SMS.


Real-time communication with staff

Communicate with staff to determine shift availability.

Real-time communication with customers

Communicate with customers to confirm transactions and thereby reduce fraud.

Be more efficient

Save time and money by contacting multiple people from across the globe at the same time.

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