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Our comprehensive suite of mobile messaging applications helps your business become more productive and cost-effective.


Created specially for Singapore-based businesses with a global customer base, StarHub Enterprise Messaging offers a comprehensive suite of feature-rich mobile messaging applications that help streamline and automate all your business communications.

Enterprise Messaging also helps you manage marketing campaigns via two-way interactive SMS and email. Plus, its integration with enterprise-grade analytics and reporting tools offers you end-to-end monitoring capabilities and efficient inbound/outbound campaign management.

Reach out instantaneously to both domestic and overseas customers through a simple web interface or your existing email application. 

The world via text

Our WebSMS feature enables two-way communications for your business, worldwide, via text messages. You can also take advantage of personalisation and monitoring controls such as mail merging of content and delivery reports.  


Reach out to thousands

When your audience is large, WebSMS+ makes your communications easier and more mindful with features such as enhanced delivery scheduling and Opt-in/Opt-out (for SPAM compliance).


Text through email

Enjoy more cost-effective communications through a simple email plugin that facilitates SMS via Outlook. The Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) enables customers to send SMS via their Outlook mail application.


A watchful eye on costs

Our online reporting module lets you view and monitor solution usage in real time.


Full control of inbound

Stay on top of all your inbound mobile communications with an array of powerful features: automated response/keyword pattern matching, reply management, campaign creation, monitoring and reporting controls.


Works with existing systems

Our solution supports interfaces for multiple APIs and protocols: HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, JAVA, WSDL and .Net. It also helps add SMS messaging capability to your software, applications and front/back-end systems. Plus, it enables pre-integration with your current CRM, ERP, WFM and billing systems.

See how StarHub Enterprise Messaging can make all your business communications easier, better and more cost-effective.

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