Secure your web presence with complete protection
Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

As a total cloud solution, our WAF requires no hardware, software, operational and maintenance costs, nor does it need any rack space or electricity costs. No in-house WAF engineers are needed on the client side as well.

Comprehensive website security

Stops DDoS and hacking attacks before reaching your web server as well as protection from exploitation of web application vulnerabilites and faulty codes. 

Bandwidth cost efficiency

Solution is focused on attack mitigation rather than absorption which ensures that bandwidth is consumered only by clean traffic and not by malicious attack traffic.

PCI DSS compliance

Service ensures PCI DSS (requirement 6.6) compliance to prevent sensitive data leakage and minimises risks arising from PCI DSS compliance audits.

Maintain search engine ranking and avoid blacklisting

Service has patented search engine crawler identification technology that accurately segregates legitimate crawlers from spoofed or illicit ones as well as ensure your web applications are free from malware to avoid search engines blacklisting.

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Prevent DDos attack to your network and safeguard your business.

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