You can now enjoy savings of up to 50% when calling back to Singapore or other countries, while travelling overseas.
How To Use

Calling Singapore

Dial *108*65<Singapore phone number>#


Calling Internationally

Dial *108*<country code><area code if any><Phone number>#




  • You will see this message on your mobile phone:"Please wait while we process your request. Call charges will apply when you answer the call. Thank you for using StarHub's GlobalRoam service."
  • You will receive an incoming call from the system. After answering the call, you will hear recipient's ringing tone. Call is connected when recipient answers the call.
  • The call will be disconnected if recipient is engaged or do not answer the call after a few rings.
  • Call charges start when you answer the incoming call from the system. Calls diverted to Voicemail are classified as connected calls. Setup charges apply for disconnected calls. Example, for an unanswered call from Australia to Singapore, $0.50 setup charges will apply.
  • Please remember to cancel all Call Diverts on your mobile phone before using this service. For instructions on how to cancel Call Diverts, please refer to your handset manual.
  • This service may not work in all the GSM networks. If you encounter such a problem, try switching to another overseas operator and try again.
  • GlobalRoam *108* is not available for Multi-SIM subscribers.

How Rates Are Calculated


Call Singapore

When calling home to a Singapore phone number while overseas, the GlobalRoam call charges = [Caller Country's GlobalRoam Rate]

Example: When you are calling from Australia to Singapore, the call charges is [Australia's GlobalRoam Rate] = S$2.80/min.


Call internationally

When calling to other countries while overseas, GlobalRoam call charges = [Caller Country's GlobalRoam Rate] + [Receiver Country's Zone Rate]

Example: When you are calling from Australia to China, the call charges is [Australia's GlobalRoam Rate] + [China's Zone Rate] = S$2.80 + S$0.58 = S$3.38/min.



Fees & Charges

Zone rates for international calling by destinations

Zones Destinations GlobalRoam *108* Zone Rates ($/min)
Zone 1 Malaysia $0.58
Zone 2 Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand $0.58
Zone 3 Austria,Belgium, China, Germany, Italy, Netherlands,New Zealands, Philippines, Switzerland, UK, France, USA, Canada $0.58
Zone 4 India, Indonesia $0.98
Zone 5 All others $1.48

Check the GlobalRoam rates of the country you are visiting.

Saving Illustrations
Making a call from Making a call to GlobalRoam *108* rates (S$/min) Rate charged with "+" prefix ($/min) Savings (%)
Australia China $3.38 $4.80 30%
Indonesia Thailand $3.38 $4.80 30%
Indonesia Singapore $2.80 $3.80 26%
UK China $3.98 $4.80 17%
USA Taiwan $3.98 $4.80 17%
USA Singapore $3.40 $4.80 29%


  • GlobalRoam *108* is not available for Multi-SIM subscribers.
  • This comparison is based on rates as at 1 April 2018. Information is accurate at the time of publishing.
  • Please note that all calling rates featured are charged based on per-minute billing and applicable to International Roaming subscribers. For Pay-As-You-Roam customers, an additional charge of 20% applies, based on the prevailing rates.
  • “+” prefix refers to making an outgoing call while overseas using +<Country Code><Area Code - where relevant><Telephone Number>
  • GlobalRoam *108* will generally bring greater savings as compared to making an outgoing call using “+” prefix in most of the overseas destinations. Please check out the website to ascertain the relevant cost of making calls using both options before leaving Singapore.

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