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Linksys 5G Mobile Hotspot with StarHub 5G-capable Biz+ MaxMobile data plans provide mobile workforces with ultra-fast 5G and Wi-Fi 6 on the go!

The Linksys 5G Mobile Hotspot is one of the first to leverage Wi-Fi 6 speeds and its wireless technology to offer consumers fast, seamless connectivity anywhere. It is a portable mobile hotspot that supports up to 15 devices on both LTE and 5G networks.

Pairing Linksys’ new device with StarHub’s 5G enabled Biz+ MaxMobile, large enterprises as well as small and medium-businesses can enjoy faster speeds and enhanced office-on-the-go experiences on the ultra-responsive StarHub 5G network.

Compact device

Ultra-thin, lightweight design for maximum convenience
5G Download Speeds

Up to 1.5Gbps, supports up to 1,800Mbps max network speed

Compatible with 5G and non-5G devices
More users

Connects up to 15 Wi-Fi devices concurrently

Biz+ MaxMobile Plans

Elevate the way you work with Biz+ MaxMobile, Singapore’s first 5G hotspot data plans for ultra-fast 5G Wi-Fi on the go. Our affordable data-only mobile plans allow you to enjoy faster speed and reliable connectivity for more productive and efficient work anywhere. 

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  • This promotion is only applicable for StarHub Enterprise customers who sign up for Biz+ MaxMobile (7GB) or Biz+ MaxMobile (12GB) 
  • Excess local data charges are $10.80/GB. Data bill capped at $240.22/month.
  • Currently available on 5G Network.
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A digital wall consisting of plain square bricks with a mechanical port. There are data cables with binary numbers coming out of the opening.
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