Why Smart Engagement?

Good business is all about relationships and deep understanding of your customers, staff and stakeholders’ unique needs. Good relationships are built through meaningful conversations.

Smart Engagement allows you to use any combination of email, SMS, voice, web, social media and rich messaging to interact with staff and customers. This technology is cost effective and can easily be integrated into existing workflows, making it the perfect solution for creating meaningful conversations and increasing business efficiency.

Banking & Finance

Keep your customers informed when systems are down and resolve incidents quickly and efficiently through streamlined reporting and collaboration.


Send emergency alerts to affected residents using their preferred communication channel and encourage subscription to information portals.

Media & Entertainment

Use customized distribution lists to send tailored communication to a mass audience or targeted group via multiple channels.

Mining & Resources

Connect with the right people in real time to resolve incidents quickly and effectively through targeted voice and SMS alerts and automated conferences.

Construction & Manufacturing

Manage all your communications from one easy-to-use platform to improve your relationships with contractors and customers.

Retail & FMCG

Grow your business by sending incentive offers across multiple channels that target customers based on their unique characteristics.


Improve the patient experience through personalized, two-way communication that reduces FTA rates and empowers patients to manage their appointment times.

Transport & Logistics

Increase customer satisfaction by sharing real-time information about consignments to ensure delivery times are transparent, flexible and convenient.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Keep your customers and the community informed during outages through personalized alerts sent across multiple channels to any type of device.

Information Technology & Telecommunications

Send personalized communications and billing reminders to customers via their preferred channel to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.