Leverage on insight-driven data for smarter targeting.

Personalised marketing communications has been proven to be more effective than the "spray gun" approach for converting target audiences and generating sales. Our suite of analytics and marketing solutions, combined with a rich pool of anonymised consumer data across telecommunications, social and TV networks provides deep insights, allowing you to accurately target your customer with tailored communications across multiple devices.

Whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise, the ability to combine near or real-time information with your internal business data, means you can cut through competition and reach the right audience with a highly targeted, salient marketing message.

Business intelligence and insights
Drive business growth through insights-driven intelligence

Drive deeper business insights through SmartHub Analytics that draws from millions of near real-time data points from our telco network.

Customer engagement and targeting with StarHub
Engage your customers & staff across omni-channels

Smart Engagement lets you improve customer engagement and operational communications through targeted channels like email, SMS, voice, apps, social media and web.

Get social media data and insights with StarHub
Power your next move with social media intelligence

StarHub Curiosity lets you tap into what your consumers are saying on social to generate actionable insights that drive sales & innovation.

Advertise with StarHub
The ONE platform with intelligent advertising solution

StarHub's Advertising provides an integrated, multi-platform solution driven by data and insights. Leverage on reliable resources to strategise and execute more effective marketing plans and campaigns.

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