High-speed transport network for your mission-critical activities.

Round-the-clock service availability

With 24x7 service availability, you can now launch heavy data, voice and video transmission activities with complete confidence. 

Support for heavy transactions, large databases

Trading and brokerage firms, large retailers and financial services businesses can execute mission-critical data transmissions with SDS’s high-speed transport, which enables access to large databases and transaction-intensive applications. 

Flexibility and scalability

Select the bandwidth for your business needs. Scale up from 1Gbps to 100Gbps base speed easily, with quick and incremental service provisioning to facilitate your operational capabilities. 

High protection

Minimise network downtime with options for full redundancy and automatic Fibre reroute paths. Fibre encryption ensures data security over our dedicated private connection at all times. 

Service level assurance

Our SLA for service activation and performance makes SDS a cost-effective service you can depend on. Get quality, reliability, security and gigabit speed, with no technical hiccups. 

Complete technical support

Our qualified team of network management experts, based in Singapore, provide 24-hour technical support. We ensure your service runs smoothly round the clock without downtime. 

Unleash your organisation's potential with StarHub's high performance Optical Network today

Managed SD-WAN

Accelerate and secure your access to the cloud and SaaS.

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StarHub Data Centre

Co-locate with the next generation software defined data centre that provides you complete visibility and control.

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Cloud Connect

Simplify and accelerate your access to world-leading cloud service providers.

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