Visit our 5G Showcase on the future of Retail Experience.

Here at our latest iteration of 5G Experience Showcase, we take you through demos and presentations of 5G use cases to enable transformative possibilities for the retail industry sector.

Numerous 5G indoor and outdoor use cases will be introduced, fostering development of 5G wireless technology applications, devices and solutions that grow the ecosystem and prove tomorrow’s concepts today.

5G is here. Start your journey with us.

From understanding your use case scenarios to exploring and integrating to your ICT requirements, we work with you to be an early adopter of 5G to transform your business.

Combining 5G & new solutions to deliver the New Retail journey – from end customer experience, workforce productivity to business intelligence

End Customer Experience
Connected Retail Experience


Smart Fitting

Workforce Productivity
Inventory Management

Computer Vision

Unmanned Store

Business Intelligence
Data Analytics

Behavior Analytics

Data Protection