Smart Data Centre Digital Solution Showcase

Being an essential piece of infrastructure in the modern enterprise, managing a data centre facility is very different from managing a commercial building or factory.

StarHub's first 5G Digital Experience showcase demonstrated the digitalization and automation of data centre operations to improve efficiency and maintain sustainability.

Showcase Highlights

  • Low latency & high accuracy video streaming and analytics for surveillance and management of on-site escort and access control.
  • Enable facility mangers with Digital Workflow management for daily tasks and job management.
  • StarHub 5G IoT Platform to connect and enable wearables and sensors to support safety, access and workflow management.

Ask StarHub Experts: Integrated Command Centre

5G Multi-access Edge Computing (5G MEC) enables simultaneous connection to a multitude of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors. With a solution like StarHub 5G IoT Platform, data from various sources is consolidated into a single dashboard to provide real-time insights, which can then be translated into strategies for resource optimisation.