Smart Construction Digital Solution Showcase

The integration of 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) is levelling up lesser digitalised industries like construction, transforming workplace processes into a Smart Construction operation for better business agility.

The Smart Construction showcase enable our customers to start their journey to experience 5G use cases in the construction industry. Some of the on-site solutions include workplace safety wearables, 3D indoor positioning and wayfinding, augmented reality applications, and drones.

Showcase Highlights

  • Enable facility managers with real-time lag-free 4K video streaming and analytics for remote supervision and air quality monitoring to ensure workplace safety.
  • Leverage on the ultra-low latency and high bandwidth capabilities to create instant digital visualisations of underground structures to avoid damaging them during excavation.
  • Remote access to data from various applications on a single platform is also made possible through the integration of StarHub 5G IoT Platform.
"The 5G and IoT solutions showcases were really interesting. It was a good learning experience for us." 

Ask StarHub Experts: Drone Inspection

Camera-mounted drones are utilised for building inspections as they can be deployed to areas deemed hazardous or inaccessible without risking the safety of employees. 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (5G MEC) powers high-quality lag-free video streaming, which enables the detection of fine cracks. With accurate information and early detection of faults, contractors can take the appropriate remedial actions.

Ask StarHub Experts: Robot Surveillance

CCTV and video analytics are used with autonomous and untethered robots for site surveillance for quick detection of security breaches, accidents, and even health hazards like ponding which may lead to dengue mosquito breeding.

Ask StarHub Experts: Underground Mapping

With 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (5G MEC) and its high bandwidth capabilities, underground mapping can be done over a wide area, where the large imaging file can then be uploaded and downloaded almost instantly. This helps prevent damages and related costs to underlying structures and excavation machinery.

Ask StarHub Experts: Automated Security Clearance

Through use of video analytics powered by 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (5G MEC), you can easily automate your organisation’s security clearance with accurate facial recognition and detection of mask and safety gear.