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StarHub aims to help enterprises move data-intensive workloads such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and mission-critical communications closer to where they are, for real-time processing and analysis.

The StarHub 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) solution creates opportunities for enterprises to enhance their digital experiences, with improved speeds and performance, providing data security and reliability of local area networking to today’s highly distributed workforce.

MEC and 5G: A Truly Powerful Combination


The integration of MEC and 5G will unlock the high bandwidth and low-latency potential of 5G and deliver unprecedented levels of computing performance, while ensuring your data is processed securely and privately. Through the 5G network edge, enterprises can easily process enormous chunks of data in the shortest time, with minimal lag. Data flows instantaneously between the enterprises, cloud applications, smart assets and 5G devices.

StarHub 5G MEC brings data processing power at the edge of the mobile network, closer to the source in two optional scenarios:


Option 1 – MEC at the customer-premise: connected to the nearest 5G SA base-station, this gives the exceptional performance and the lowest latency.

Option 2 – As an upgrade from option 1, where MEC is hosted at StarHub Central Office and connected to StarHub's core infrastructure, allowing a low latency with better performance and cost-efficiency as compared to customer-premise or cloud.


StarHub, is working with solution providers to curate a 5G ecosystem with 5G-ready applications such as video analytics, facial recognition, IoT solutions, drones, robotics, work safety and health applications, and immersive user experiences for enterprise customers to gain access for quick rollout.

5G Digital Experience Showcase

To experience first-hand and learn how this new wave of 5G-enabled solutions stand out with StarHub 5G MEC capabilities, visit our StarHub 5G Digital Experience Showcase.

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