StarHub Green Tech Managed Services


StarHub delivers a comprehensive suite of managed services to help your business develop a complete, end-to-end sustainability solution that includes an energy audit, consultancy services, solution customisation, and relevant reporting and monitoring. 

How It Works

Business Benefits

Increase productivity with automated & integrated workflow
Data-driven cost synergies and operational integration will drive improvements in production and service availability.
Reduce labour dependency
Achieve better capacity planning due to more accurate data derived from supply and demand planning. This will alleviate staffing pressure, reduce labour costs, and improve workplace safety.
Green Benefits

Reduce energy cost and cut carbon emissions
Achieve overall energy savings of up to 40%. StarHub will also support your business in attaining BCA's Green Mark certification, a rating system that helps differentiate green buildings from the rest in the real estate market.
Attain corporate ESG requirements
Achieve successful compliance with environmental and social standards and regulations.

Build a sustainable business with
StarHub Green Tech Managed Services

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