Direct China with Full Transit.
Dedicated bandwidth to China’s internet backbones combined with StarHub IP Transit for Global connectivity.

Especially tailored for Enterprises or Tier 2/3 Internet Provider looking for highest-quality experience on China Content, Server, and Websites while having a premium route to the rest of the world contents.

Consider Direct China with Full Transit, if you:

  • require dedicated internet access to China and premium access to Global internet connectivity

How IP Transit direct China can help Enterprises?

Direct China or China premium route IP Transit can play a huge role in improving web performance in China and overcoming these latency issues as it contains blended traffic to major providers in China.

This will help to accelerate the speed at which content is delivered to the end user as if enabling user to access China websites seamlessly as if they are in the country itself.

With direct China and direct China with Full Transit – Enterprises and content delivery provider are able to interact with over 802 million of Chinese Internet Subscriber, accounts to 21 million Chinese websites, 64.7% of Chinese internet domain names for more than 70% of Chinese internet content resources.

Features for Direct China.
Access type

Available via IPHUB (IP Presence in most of commercial IDCs in Singapore), local loop (ELL and SDS DWS).


Access interfaces

Gigabit Ethernet


Internet speed

From 10Mbps to 1Gbps






Single AS (AS4657)


Integrated user-friendly online customer portal

Login to iPortal to monitor your network performance and bandwidth utilisation


IPv4-only service


Flat rate charging option


One-stop shop for IP port and access services

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