Gartner: Reduce Privacy Risks When Using 5G Products and Services
Analysts: Bernard Woo

How can you safeguard your data on a 5G network?


From private networks to edge computing, 5G enables data to be processed at faster speeds and an exponentially larger scale. As a result, there is a higher risk that privacy can be compromised.

While security and risk management leaders cannot anticipate upcoming 5G products and services, it is important to take an active approach by implementing stringent measures to minimise privacy risks.  


Impacts highlighted in Gartner report:

  • “Offerings over 5G will generate and collect greater volumes, varieties and velocities of personal.”
  • “5G technology will enable the proliferation of interconnected devices, which will lead to an expanded attack surface bearing the risk of exposing personal data to harm.”
  • “Stakeholders will scrutinize and demand that the processing of personal data at 5G’s increased speed and scale is performed in line with clear and rigid standards.”


Recommendations by Gartner to reduce technology, information and resilience risk, security and risk management leaders:

  • “Enforce privacy risk treatment by requiring the completion of data protection/privacy impact assessments (DPIAs/PIAs) for projects involving personal data.”
  • “Limit the risk of attacks by driving the choice of service providers that implement protective measures at network (e.g., 5G core slicing) and device (e.g., pseudonymization) levels.”
  • “Enable transparency by building a privacy portal that explains how personal data is used, while giving individuals the ability to manage their consent and preferences.”



Gartner, Reduce Privacy Risks When Using 5G Products and Services, 16 July 2019,  Bernard Woo

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