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Chinese Entertainment Package

Standard Screen (50” and below):

$179.85 per month

Large Screen:

$269.78 per month

Phoenix Chinese Channel (HD) Ch 805

Phoenix Chinese Channel HD is dedicated to providing quality Mandarin programmes worldwide. Phoenix offers a truly Chinese perspective and gives a distinctive Chinese voice to foster effective cultural exchange in a global context.

Phoenix InfoNews Channel (HD) Ch 806

Phoenix InfoNews provides world-class Mandarin-speaking programmes on breaking news, current affairs, financial updates, social, political & economic reportage, and commentaries from the perspective of Chinese. The 24-hour news channel delivers round-the-clock, up-to-minute news to Mainland China as well as Chinese communities all over the world.


Beginning its broadcast in 1995 with the vision of "No boundaries, No delays", TVBS-NEWS HD is Taiwan's first 24-hour news channel, providing audiences with the timeliest, most meticulous first-hand reports. The channel reports global events with professional news teams located around the globe.

Hub E City (HD) Ch 111/825

Hub E City (HD) is a 24-hour Chinese general entertainment channel, providing a broad range of high-quality, first-run and diverse Asian programmes. The channel aims to deliver fun, uplifting, light-hearted and wholesome TV entertainment for the entire family.

CTI TV (HD) Ch 827

CTI TV (HD) is an infotainment channel featuring news, current affairs and variety programmes.

TVBS Asia HD Ch 828

TVBS Asia HD is an all-in-one 24-hour channel broadcasting first-rated programmes from TVBS Infotainment Channel, TVBS-NEWS and TVBS Entertainment Channel. Audiences outside Taiwan can enjoy the latest infotainment and news of Taiwan round the clock.

Dragon TV Ch 832

Dragon TV is one of China's leading platforms for TV news and programmes with a global vision. It has enhanced its high-quality lineup, including successful programmes such as Studio No.1, One In a Hundred and One In a Hundred: Cream of the Crop.

Idaman+ONE Package

Standard Screen (50” and below):

$288.85 per month

Large Screen:

$433.28 per month

Astro Warna (HD) Ch 118

Astro Warna is Malaysia's only comedy entertainment channel, suited for the whole family. The channel offers fun and entertaining comedy shows, showcasing the best local productions from Astro, plus best comedy movies, and the best foreign dramas and/or variety shows. Astro Warna is within the 3 Top Malay channels in Malaysia.

Astro Sensasi (HD) Ch 123

Astro Sensasi (HD) is a Malay general entertainment channel for the whole family. It offers a colourful variety of programmes, from award-winning dramas and Indonesian sinetrons, to movies, variety programmes and talk shows.

ONE HD (Malay) Ch 124

ONE HD (Malay) showcases the latest Korean dramas, with selected titles premiering weeks after their debut broadcasts in Korea on an exclusive and first-run basis. Viewers can catch the biggest stars in Korean entertainment, from idol dramas to popular soap operas, as well as current Korean variety and K-pop music programmes.

tvN (HD) Ch 824

tvN (HD) is a leading Asian channel with localised packaging and promotions. It also features content directly from Korea's No.1 Entertainment Group CJ E&M, offering authentic drama series, variety shows, entertainment news, K-pop, and reality and lifestyle programmes.

Zee Package

Standard Screen (50” and below):

$288.85 per month

Large Screen:

$433.28 per month

Zee TV Ch 125

Zee TV is a 24-hour Hindi general entertainment channel. Viewers are treated to a variety of choices from drama series, television movies, theatrical films, specials and daytime dramas.

Zee Cinema Ch 130

Zee Cinema is a Hindi movie channel showcasing the best of Hindi movies day in, day out. The familiar catch-phrase 'Movies, Masti, Magic' has become synonymous with quality film viewing on TV. Zee Cinema will be available from 30 December 2019 for Manoranjan Pack and Zee TV Pack.

Zee Thirai Ch 137

A Tamil channel with a strong library of over 400+ films across genres, the channel aims to change the conversation from the ‘what’ to the ‘why’ of cinema.

Zee Tamil HD Ch 138

Zee Tamil HD is a 24-hour Tamil general entertainment channel with a wide variety of quality programmes for everyone, from compelling dramas, game shows and cooking programmes, to reality and talk shows.

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