Entertain your guests with the best Pay TV service provider.

The best Chinese news, variety shows and dramas!


The latest and most popular in Korean entertainment.


Indulge in Hindi, Malay and other international entertainment.

Ethnic and International


Exclusive educational and entertaining content for babies and toddlers.


Entertainment can also be educational at the same time!

Children Education

Featuring Marvel's Avengers Assemble, Ben 10 and more!



Be the first to know when breaking news through live coverage and analysis.

World News

Receive the latest financial news impacting the global stock markets.

Financial News

Stay updated on the world's largest economy.



Unravels the mysteries of our history.

History and Science

Explore the the world with National Geographic!

Nature Documentaries

Keep up with the latest fashion trends, travel destinations and cuisines!


Entertainment & Movies

Entertain your guests with the latest blockbusters and classic movies.

Hollywood Blockbusters

Give your guests their daily dose of US drama, reality shows and comedy.

English Drama, Reality Shows and Comedy

Showcasing the latest simulcast anime and Asian music pop culture.

Youth Entertainment


Top European, Asian and local football.


From NBA to FIBA to Euroleague, it's all here!


Tennis, badminton and table tennis.

Racquet Sports

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