Don't settle for slow. Supercharge your business with Enterprise Value Internet


Is your internet holding your business back? In today's digital world, slow connections mean lost opportunities.

Powered by our next-generation fibre-optic network. StarHub Enterprise Value Internet offers blazing fast and secure connectivity like never before. Imaging a lag-free video conferencing, lightning-fast cloud access and uninterrupted e-commerce experiences.

StarHub Enterprise Value Internet delivers all this at an unbeatable price, making it the perfect choice for medium-sized enterprises seeking unmatched performance and price.

99.95% uptime guarantee with SLA
Ensure robust internet connectivity that supports crucial activities such as client calls and time-sensitive documents transfer
50% CIR guaranteed
Experience seamless operations including video conferencing, large file transfers, and access to cloud applications, without unexpected slowdowns
Enhanced security with Static IP
Optimise network stability and security for seamless remote work via VPN, enhancing communication quality for teleconferencing and video calls.
Complimentary enterprise-grade WiFi 6 router
Scale your network as your business grows, ensuring seamless operations without compromising performance or reliability.
Dedicated end-to-end service support
Enjoy 24/7 support availability for swift troubleshooting to minimise downtown and disruptions.

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Afforable high-speed Internet for enterprises

Value Internet vs Business Broadband


Value Internet

Other Broadband 

Recommended for

Commercial/Small Businesses/Startup/F&B/Retail


1 Free Static IP

Dynamic IP

Enterprise-Grade Connecitivity

Standard-Grade Connectivity

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Optimal Bandwidth

99.95% Service Availability



Higher Network Performance and Reliability

Network Performance is dynamic during peak periods


Enhanced capacity for more devices connections, support extensive data transfer and high-demand tasks

Suitable for moderate traffic loads

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Supercharge your productivity round the clock with
StarHub Value Internet

Experience unmatched availability and realiability internet connectivity.

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