All-in-one network security bundle at just $10/month.

Today’s threats are complex and costly. Attackers take advantage of any security weaknesses in the network and jeopardise confidential data and intellectual property. For a complete network protection, you need integrated security solutions to ensure a robust and thorough security strategy.


Broadband Shield+ adds the security features of Anti-Virus, Web Filtering and Application Control on top of Broadband Shield's robust firewall.

How it works

Consisting of Anti-Virus, Web Filtering and Application Control, Broadband Shield+ is a complete three-in-one Unified Threat Management Value-Added-Service that blocks businesses from cyber-threats such as malware, viruses and inappropriate content/application access to specific websites and applications.

How StarHub broadband shieldand its firewall works


Detect, prevent and clean up viruses before they infect your office laptops, mobiles and other devices while staying connected to the Internet. Anti-Virus settings will be turned “ON” by default to safeguard your employees from malware communications & downloads.

AV Status

Malware Communications 

Malware Downloads 

AV On Blocked Blocked
AV Off Not Blocked Not Blocked
Web Filtering

Cyber attacks often start with your employees accessing infected third-party websites. Block websites & content access with pre-populated content categories such as adult content, gambling, file sharing & video streaming, social media, malicious and controversial sites.

Application Control

Unknown third-party applications can pose as a threat to your business unknowingly whilst employees surf third-party sites. Protect your business from harmful applications under pre-populated categories: file sharing & video streaming, malicious sites and social media.


Web/URL Filtering

Application Control

Adult/Mature Content

Yes -


Yes -

File Sharing/Video Streaming

Yes Yes

Malicious Sites

Yes -

Controversial Sites

Yes Yes 

Social Media

Yes Yes

Enhance your network security with
Broadband Shield+.

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