Discover smarter business through smarter machines.
Increase your productivity with automated intelligence, M2M.

In today's interconnected world, you need automated intelligence to help make better decisions in very little time.

Intelligent, connected machines can tell you when they need servicing, ‘talk’ to each other, exchange crucial business information, and vastly improve efficiency and productivity.

With StarHub Machine-to-Machine (M2M), smart connected assets deliver not just data, but smart real-time insights to support your business in new and useful ways.



A special dashboard allows you to activate and suspend your own M2M SIM cards. You will be able to self-activate your SIM cards and have a clear overview of which cards are being utilized with an up-to-date usage record. You can also set alerts to inform you that your data usage is near the daily or monthly threshold.



Comprehensive dashboard providing real-time usage information of your M2M devices with detail reports


Cost effective

You are only charged for the time when your M2M SIM is active, and you are allowed to configure the data plan of your SIM via the M2M portal to achieve optimum saving


Global Coverage

Our strong partnership with our global mobile alliances will provide you the best in class machine connectivity at more than 200 destinations.

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M2M Routers

3G/4G LTE enterprise-grade M2M routers.

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M2M Workforce Manager

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M2M Fleet Manager

Track your vehicles wherever they go to improve visibility, control and efficiency.

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