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Connect your M2M or Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the StarHub network including 4G LTE or low-end, low-power coverage such as NB-IoT in compatible devices. Whether you need one SIM or many, choose from a range of plans that suit your business needs.


Connectivity Plans
Un pooled Small
(Dynamic) Pooled Medium
Static Pooled Large

StarHub's dual band nationwide NB-IoT in the new age of LPWAN

One of the critical decisions that enterprises need to make in their IoT launch strategy is in selecting the most suitable connectivity technology as connectivity is the crucial component in an end to end IoT solution.

No single technology or solution is ideally suited to serve all potential IoT use cases. Certain technologies will coexist alongside as complementing rather than competing standards.

The availability of the Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) together with the traditional cellular (3G/4G) networks will address a larger share of the IoT market.

StarHub’s dual band NB-IoT network operates in both 900MHz and 1800MHz frequency bands providing wider coverage with excellent penetration in both underground and indoor settings.

Here's why NB-IoT is the best LPWAN for your IoT needs.
StarHub NB-IoT optimise your power efficiency

Optimised power efficiency
Minimal maintenance required with battery life in excess of 10 years.
Save on costs with StarHub NB-IoT

Cost savings
Low device unit cost & less power consumed to save on costs.
Global standard in licensed spectrum
Part of 3GPP Rel 13 that enables global reach in harmonised cellular band.
Gain better coverage and penetration with StarHub

Improved penetration
+20dB link budget for better coverage in hard to reach areas.
StarHub LPWAN offers High End-Point Density

High End-Point Density
Supports > 50,000 connections per cell.
Secure connectivity with encryption

Secure connectivity
Enjoy reliable enterprise-grade connection with encryption and SIM-based authentication.

Easily scalable
Network scalability lets you increase or decrease your capacity based on your needs.
StarHub 5G IoT

Build Internet of Intelligent Things with StarHub 5G IoT Platform

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Leverage on the power of big data to make an informed data-driven business decision.

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Leverage on the power of big data to make an informed data-driven business decision.

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