Ensure seamless connectivity with customers, partners and suppliers.
StarHub brings simplicity in scaling, pricing, and managing connectivity with DCNet. 

Pre-wired connectivity to more than 70 data centers

Gain the power of a service backed by an expansive, ever-growing installed base. DCNet’s tried and tested architecture interconnects Asia’s leading 70+ data centers. This includes service providers across multiple domains – cloud and app providers, content distributors, carrier hubs and data centers.  


Blazing fast delivery

Pre-wired data center architecture translates to speedy service rollouts – within days rather than weeks. Connect to data centers from different providers at lightning speed, no matter where you are located.  

Customisable bandwidth

DCNet bandwidth is fully elastic and burstable, right up to port speeds. Choose from 50Mbps to 10Gbps bandwidth with both fixed and burstable options. Seamless capacity upgrades (scalable up to port speed) mean power on tap when your business demands it. You can even switch options mid-way during your service term.  

Pay as you grow

DCNet’s standardised, simplified pricing models and zero bandwidth commitments put an end to hidden costs. Subscribe to a 1G or 10G port at a low MRC and choose either a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model with Usage billing, or a Committed Bandwidth structure. Traffic Reporting is available as an add-on service.  

Simplified operations

Multi-vendor management hassles are a thing of the past with DCNet – access numerous facilities and countries with just one service contract. Cross-connect at the demarcation points (rack or data center’s meet-me room) to get DCNet on board.  

The DCNet ecosystem: a marketplace for more business

DCNet opens up an entire ecosystem of service providers, customers, and partners—they are just a cross-connect away. Harness this rich ecosystem and offer services to DCNet-connected associates. Additionally, a rich data center customer directory ensures all DCNet users gain access to the DCNet Marketplace. 


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