DCNet—Virtual CrossConnect Service
Providing Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity between Asian & U.S. data centres.

DCNet is a private Ethernet network solution connecting more than 70 of the top data centres (DC) in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. With network equipment already installed in these data centres, connectivity is pre-wired. DCNet is designed to meet the needs of business continuity planning (BCP), data center diversification, and business expansion by connecting enterprises with their customers, partners and suppliers.


Simplified & Cost Effective

Subscribe to a 1G or 10G port (100BASE-LX or 10GBASE-LR interfaces) and choose either a "pay-as-you-grow" model with usage billing or a committed bandwidth option. All 1G and 10G port charges are unified across all our data centres, with bandwidth charges being one of the most competitive and cost-effective in the market. 


Quick Delivery

Network provisioning between data centre sites can be completed between 5 to 10 business days. Customers will only need to simply cross connect to the respective Meet Me Rooms to seamlessly bridge multiple facilities over different countries. 


Wide Coverage

DCNet has pre-wired connectivity between the top data centres in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States (on-ramp access). Being a vendor neutral party, StarHub has been working with numerous content distributors major applications and cloud providers, carrier hubs, as well as other key data centres.


Bursting on-Demand

DCNet's usage-based bandwidth allows the user to dynamically burst their bandwidth to cater to traffic fluctuations between sites. With Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) of up to 9200 bytes, users can enjoy great level of efficiency when transmitting information between sites. For a deterministic price and mission critical applications, a guaranteed/committed bandwidth option is also available.


Flexible & Simplified Operations

With DCNet, there is only one single point of contact to connect multiple facilities and countries without the hassle of complex negotiations, management overhead, and long lead times. Leveraging on existing infrastructure and professionals, DCNet is able to scale with your growing needs as we advance through the market - changing of bandwidths, service options, or connect additional data centres will only require TWO working days.

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