Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi for fast and reliable connectivity

Secured access for users

StarHub Enterprise Wi-Fi solution scans and protects against security threats by detecting interference and attacks on all channels. This is done automatically, without human intervention.

Better performance

By measuring channel utilisation, signal strength, throughput and interference, better performance is achieved automatically even in crowded, high traffic conditions.

Better understanding of user behaviour

Equipped with data analytic dashboards about heat maps,number of visitors who use the service, user visit/ dwell time, and repeated visits, insights can be gained and better planning can be achieved.

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StarHub Managed Services

Assured and experienced partner to design and manage your digital infrastructure.

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A digital wall consisting of plain square bricks with a mechanical port. There are data cables with binary numbers coming out of the opening.
Business Internet

Experience premium enterprise grade Internet Services with bandwidths ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.

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