Enjoy uninterrupted WAN service levels with StarHub's Managed Multi-Link Service (MML).
Drive your business with a full-throttle network. Enhance your VPN performance and protect your applications from network outages with StarHub’s MML.

MML ensures 24x7 connectivity for your mission-critical applications, automatically diverting traffic from failed WAN links to functional circuits, thereby providing you high availability, reliability and scalability.

Bypass network bottlenecks with MML’s optimised, high-precision load balancing algorithms and bandwidth bundling. With 25Mbps throughout and up to 32,000 concurrent sessions, MML provides load balancing for inbound as well as outbound traffic*.

*Actual figures may depend on installed CPE.

MML consists of the following components:
  • Manage Link Balancing Appliance (CPE)
  • Round-the-clock monitoring service for customer’s internet connectivity and the CPE
  • High SLA for service and response

How Managed Multi-Link Service works


  • 24x7 fault tolerance and traffic management 
  • Integrated managed services, including monitoring and alerts
  • Aggregation of multiple WAN links with load balancing functions
  • Low fixed costs
  • Highly scalable, with value-added services
  • Optimisation with bandwidth management
  • Public VPN Load Balancing
  • Private WAN Load Balancing

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