Welcome to a new world of 5G


Meet 5G, the innovative new fifth generation of cellular technology.
Designed to increase speed, reduce latency, and improve flexibility of wireless services — this groundbreaking new network will change the way you live, work and play.
Are you ready for it?

5G vs 4G
What's the difference?

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5G’s key features

Network slicing is the key enabler


Enables service providers to build Mobile Private Networks (MPN)

Telecom operators are able to create MPN based on as-a-service basis. Potentially, one physical network can be sliced into multiple, virtual, end-to-end networks, each dedicated to different types of services with different characteristics and requirements.


Singapore 5G CFP: Strategic Focus Areas

Airport and Maritime
  • Enhance maritime and aviation industries with greater automation (autonomous/remote-controlled vehicles) to improve productivity

Industry 4.0 
  • Facilitate automated manufacturing with innovative advances towards Industry 4.0

Consumer Applications
  • Improve people's lives in various aspects, with recreational consumption, education and smart homes

Smart City/Estates
  • Achieve Singapore's vision of a Smart City with smart solutions for work and living

Government Applications
  • Enhance public service offerings and security

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5G for Consumer

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