Terms & Conditions - Mobile Office Bundle


1.        This Promotion is valid until 31 January 2022, unless otherwise notified by StarHub.
2.    To be eligible for this Promotion, applicants must be small, medium-sized companies, businesses or partnerships (SMEs) registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. Applicants are required to present their latest business profile and other relevant documents as may be required by StarHub. Applications are subject to StarHub’s approval and credit checks and StarHub reserves the right to decline any application.
3.        Mobile Office Bundle Promotion is valid for customers who sign up or recontract for any Biz+ 2-Year Plan bundled with SmartUC Mobile (24-month contract) (collectively, the “Bundle”). Customers who sign up or recontract for the Bundle will enjoy the following: 
(1)    For the Biz+ 2-Year Plan: Customers will enjoy up to $200, $250, $250 or $250 handset discount for Biz+ Lite, Biz+ Value, Biz+ Premium and Biz+ Pro plans respectively, waiver of SIM card activation fee of $37.40, waiver of voice plan service charge of $10.70, waiver of recontract administrative fee of $10.70 (for recontracting customers only), as well as:  
(i)      free Caller Number Display, International Roaming, IDD018 and Biz+ Smart Support subscriptions; 
(ii)    promotional monthly subscription of of $54, $81, $103.50 and $232.20 for Biz+ Lite, Biz_ Value, Biz+ Premium and Biz+ Pro plans respectively;
(iii) Free Data Add-On VAS of 35GB for Biz+ Lite and 50GB for Biz+ Value, Premium and Pro 
(iv) Free Voice Add-On VAS of 300 mins for Biz+ Lite and Premium
for the first 24 continuous months only. Thereafter, prevailing rates will apply (for paragraphs (i) – (ii)) and the VAS will cease (for paragraph (iii-iv)). The data entitlement will revert to the plan’s original data entitlement. Any excess usage at any time will be charged at prevailing rates. The Free Data Add-On VAS & Free Voice Add-on VAS are prorated according to bill cycle. 
(2)    For the SmartUC Mobile (24-month contract): Customers will enjoy:
(i)      waiver of the one-time charge of $21.40;
(ii)    promotional monthly subscription of $9.60 per month for the first 24 continuous months only, following which prevailing rates will apply.
3.        For early recontracting of mobile plans (i.e. recontracting between the 13th and 21st month of customer’s mobile contract):
(1)    an early recontract fee (ERF) of $400 is applicable if recontracting from Biz+ Premium and Biz+ Lite plans;
(2)    an early recontract fee (ERF) of $300 is applicable if recontracting from other types of mobile plans.  
4.        If any premium is offered by StarHub:
(1)    StarHub may either (i) require customer to redeem the applicable premium(s) in accordance with such processes, terms and conditions as StarHub may notify to customer; or (ii) provide and/or send out the applicable premium(s) at such time as StarHub may determine in its sole and absolute discretion;
(2)    StarHub reserves the right to replace the premium(s) with other item(s)/premium(s) of equal or lower value; and
(3)    all premiums are subject to availability;
(4)    premiums are not available at StarHub Shops.
5.        All handsets and free accessories are subject to availability.
6.        This Promotion is not valid with handset vouchers and/or any other promotions and/or discounts.
7.        All services subscribed to underunder this Promotion are subject to a minimum 24 months minimum period of service. For the SmartUC Mobile (24-month contract), StarHub will use its reasonable endeavours to meet a provisioning lead-time of 4 working days subject always to availability of network, service, resources, access, in-building cabling and tray and the procurement of all relevant approvals.
8.    In addition to these terms and conditions, StarHub's prevailing Business General Terms and Conditions and applicable Service Specific Terms and Conditions available at www.starhub.com (incorporated by reference) apply. StarHub reserves the right to amend, suspend, withdraw or terminate, whether in whole or part, this promotion and/or any of the applicable terms and conditions without prior notice at StarHub's absolute discretion. Participation in any of these promotions shall constitute acceptance of all these term and conditions and any amendments thereof.