Offer your guests, customers or staff wireless Internet access
within your venue.
Data has become an integral part of our lives whether through cellular data or Wi-Fi. 

StarHub Wireless@SG enables you to offer an enhanced experience to your guests, customers and even your staff with reliable Wi-Fi data during their visit to your premises. Wireless data collected also provides you with analytical data to aid in your business decision making. Connect your guests and customers today and deliver greater customer satisfaction with StarHub Wireless@SG.



Data analytics provide insights that drive informed business decisions. StarHub Wireless@SG provides analytics through various standardized reports like Wi-Fi usage statistics, user count, heat map of high user density and top data destination to websites. In addition, we can customize anonymized reports on your user demographics like age groups, gender distribution and daily traffic distribution by working with you to achieve your business objectives.


Common Infrastructure

You interact with multiple stakeholders, both internal and external daily and these stakeholders have different needs. StarHub Wireless@SG caters to their needs by provisioning a different SSID to different stakeholders. You can create a public SSID for your guests and customers and another private, secure SSID for your internal teams.


Service Support

You need to be able to count on a strong support team to complement your operations. StarHub Wireless@SG provides a 24 by 7 service desk support for your business needs, including on-site support especially on public holidays when your customers visit. At the same time, there are also support available for your customers to guide them to access Wireless@SG.



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