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ISDN is the global standard for high-speed, high-quality voice, data and video communications. With StarHub ISDN services, you can enjoy the following ISDN applications and more.

ISDN is a communication standard for the digital transmission of voice, video, data and other network services over a public switched telephone network. StarHub ISDN is designed to be highly scalable, where multiple ISDN lines can be grouped together, providing a clear channel for your integrated voice and data applications. It also supports international direct dialing (IDD) services.



ISDN can be used for fax and video conferencing in addition to making voice calls, on a single platform.



ISDN lines typically carry either 2 or 30 channels. For corporate environments that require more than 30 channels, multiple ISDN lines can be grouped together to form a larger network. 


Value Added Services (VASes)

Standard VASes are available on ISDN, like Caller ID Display, Caller ID Restriction, Line Hunting, Call Forwarding and Number Porting.  


Wide area networking

ISDN is the ideal solution for economical international LAN-to-LAN connections. While it provides the same reliability as dedicated private networks, there are no costly investments or fixed monthly costs.


G4 facsimile

While current analogue fax machines operate at a speed of 9.6 or 14.4 Kbps, ISDN G4 fax is transmitted at 64 Kbps, which means a large reduction in transmission time and communications cost.


Video conferencing

For high quality video conferencing with different parties around the world, ISDN is the ideal solution.


File transfer

ISDN is a reliable alternative to Internet file transfer or e-mail.

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IDD 008

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IDD 018

Save more when you call overseas with per second billing and all day flat rates.

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Unified Communications

Comprehensive end-to-end enterprise grade communications solutions.

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