Ready for SASE Cyber Transformation?
Join us for an exclusive workshop with  Palo Alto Networks' CTO and experts to build your oganisation's SASE roadmap.

Our fundamental relationship with work has changed forever. Work is not a location anymore but an activity. The next era of work is here and now - the era of FlexWork.

Organisations today need to support the much expected flexibility of the modern workforce, without compromising on security and user experience. Empowering your workforce to work from anywhere, anytime and any device can seem a daunting step for many organisations, but with ZTNA 2.0 it's not just achievable, it's a business imperative.

Join us for SASE Cyber Transformation Workshop, tailor made for your organisation. In this exclusive 120 minute session, Palo Alto Networks security experts and leaders, including Palo Alto Network's CTO, will provide insights on Gartner’s recommendations, what they mean for your organisation and how you can embrace the future of networking and security.

Bonus track:
 A SASE strategy enables users, devices and branches Zero Trust access to resources, regardless of location. This workshop will lay out a pragmatic approach to implementing Zero Trust within a SASE framework.

This SASE Cyber Transformation Workshop is designe to deliver customized, actionable knowledge and value for security, and we look forward to having you and your team join us. This workshop would be most beneficial for people representing Network, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity teams within your organisation.

3 Key Benefits


- Learn more about how your organization can benefit from SASE Transformation

- Embrace the future of hybrid work definitively

- Get an actionable roadmap for a pragmatic approach to implementing Zero Trust with SASE

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