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Chris Lipman
Customer Experience

As a preferred Challenger telco brand, how is StarHub pushing new boundaries in terms of elevating customer experience?


We drew up a clear roadmap for FY2019, in line with our aspirations to be a clear market leader in providing seamless and innovative customer experience at every touchpoint.

To achieve this, we needed to measure and track our progress over the year. Hence, we introduced several metrics in FY2019, including the measurement of our efficiency in meeting customer’s requests for our call centre and HubTroopers – our dedicated team of technical experts in home networking and home entertainment solutions. We can now quantitatively track how quickly we can resolve customer’s issues, which is closely correlated with customer satisfaction. Since then, we have exceeded our own targets set in the beginning of 2019 by 16%. This also contributed to a year-on- year 130% improvement in NPS that exceeds industry benchmarks.

In 2019, we streamlined our digital customer journey by 50%, which means customers halved the time spent to complete a transaction online via our simplified sales process. Our online capacity have been tripled and we are well-placed to handle a higher volume of transactions that includes coming up with data- driven, personalised offers, to drive greater value to customers.

This level of personalisation is made possible by leveraging proprietary data analytics that monitors customer sentiments through a new real-time and robust detractor analysis system. This gives us an accurate sense of customer sentiments on specific products, services and/or touchpoints, to make prompt and accurate business decisions.

We have seen tangible results from our strong commitment, including a significant reduction in call centre volumes due to our focus on addressing pain points and customer’s willingness to use our enhanced digital touchpoints, while NPS for our sales service channels are at an all-time high.

Moving into 2020, we continue to look at ways to bring more convenience to customers through new customer channels and touchpoints, as well as deeper personalisation for a tailored customer journey. We are constantly looking at ways to serve customers better as lifestyles and preferences shift rapidly in today’s digital age, and we continue to live by our mantra “Customer Happiness Is Everything”.