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StarHub believes that using
communications services
at home and in the office
should be simple, easy and


Please share your expectations and aspirations for StarHub three to five years from now, and the active steps taken to achieve this.


As I reflect over the last 20 years since StarHub’s entry into the market, technological innovation and elevated customer expectations have been the driving force impacting and transforming the way we operate.

Fixed and wireless; fast and secure communications delivering information; entertainment; cybersecurity; and an abundance of applications have positively improved personal lives and reshaped many industries in Singapore and globally.

Our industry has created a culture of instant gratification for consumers based on exchanging real-time information via one’s fingertips or voice commands, transcending individuals’ expectations and immersing them into new experiences; augmenting reality today with the benefits of the virtual world that is only a click away.

Businesses are bracing themselves for further disruption and new business models. Machine-to-machine communications complementing personal communications will create new business opportunities and efficiencies whilst disrupting the current operating models. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will be the new norm for businesses of any size hoping to understand customer’s behaviour to deliver better services and products by improving its own competitive advantage.

In the next few years, the pace of change and disruption, which underpins the ongoing evolution of our industry, will continue unabated. StarHub, confronted by and contributing to technological disruption, has the opportunity to create a better pathway for a brighter future.

StarHub believes that using communications services at home and in the office should be simple, easy and affordable. Inspiring our customers to embrace digital transformation should result in increased personal satisfaction, an improved business operation and an advanced society.

In the last 12 months, we have initiated our DARE transformation strategy to drive improvements in customer experiences, better efficiencies, invest in growth opportunities, re-energise our culture and introduce digital transformation of our own core business. There is an ongoing list of initiatives to make our business more relevant to our customers in the fiercely competitive Singapore market.

Over the next few years, our challenger spirit will drive us to identify business opportunities from adjacent segments to our traditional pure communications, across regional geographies. We are acutely aware that we require a solid foundation – strong capabilities and results – as we pursue new investments and growth opportunities.

Additional effort and focus will be spent exploring and leveraging technological innovation, and delivery of asset-light services to new market segments – especially for small enterprise clients and major customers. We will concurrently optimise cash flows from our consumer operations and make new investments through M&A to increase our operating footprint and introduce diversification of operations and services.

Over the horizon, I envision that StarHub will continue to be a great customer experience-driven brand in Singapore and a fully-integrated solutions provider to enterprise customers. We will invest in our 5G network and related applications, and diversify into regional markets delivering cybersecurity services, systems integration and enterprise ICT solutions.

Key ingredients to ensure our vision becomes a reality depends on our challenger spirit and employee engagement to drive innovation in everything we do, to serve customers with pride and delighting them wherever they may be located.

We have started our efforts to deliver the vision for the future.

Having identified the necessity of protecting businesses in a digital economy, and the gap in our suite of capabilities, we are growing our cybersecurity business into one of the region’s largest pure-play cybersecurity companies with integrated capabilities from managed security services to cryptography. Today, Ensign’s business spans Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar and Thailand, and it will continue to expand its presence across Asia as it seeks to aggressively pursue topline growth and improve profitability.

We have submitted a joint bid to build a nationwide, advanced 5G network to allow new use cases for consumers and enterprises in Singapore in the emerging, hyperconnected, smart nation of the future. While multiple machine-to-machine communications can be supported by our network today, its proliferation will require the support of a low latency network that is only possible via advances in 5G network technologies.

We will continue to improve our processes and deepen digital transformation to deliver better customer experiences and efficiencies. Meanwhile, we are committed to a disciplined and prudent approach to capital management for long-term value creation for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Our future depends on how well we execute today and how quickly we pivot our business to take advantage of emerging opportunities around us. Backed by 20 years of experience and proven track record, I am confident that the StarHub team is driven and will continue to break new boundaries, creating better value for all stakeholders.

Simplicity in our vision creates a tougher execution challenge in the years ahead. We are aware of the challenges and tremendous hard work ahead of us. With strong teamwork, challenger spirit, genuine care for our employees and focus on customers, I believe we can create a bright future.