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Johan Buse

Are we seeing results from the new Hello Change brand promise? What is the status of the TV transformation?


In just one year, we have managed to achieve significant improvements after the Hello Change campaign was launched, promising simplicity and greater value to consumers.

For Mobile, we recorded a 130% year-on-year improvement in mobile net promoter score (“NPS”), reflecting higher customer satisfaction of our simplified mobile plans. To defend ARPUs amidst sustained intense market competition, we are pursuing higher-value customers with measured subsidies – the effectiveness of which is reflected in our improved postpaid ARPU and growth in subscriber base across 3Q2019 and 4Q2019.

On Pay TV, we completed the cable-to-fibre migration in October 2019 that gave customers island-wide access to greater speeds and a seamless entertainment experience that was coupled with refreshed entertainment passes offering customers the flexibility to toggle between passes with 24-hour notice.

The migration was the right opportunity for us to transform the Pay TV business model to one that will withstand the test of time and disruption from OTT players. We have since started moving towards an integrated OTT/IPTV platform, which better serves shifting patterns in the way consumers enjoy content. With all these changes, NPS for our Pay TV segment improved by 70% and our OTT subscriber base grew 23% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, we have converted most of our content agreements from a fixed model to a variable cost per subscriber model. As content cost is one of the main cost drivers for the Pay TV business, the variable model will result in a significant improvement in the segment’s margins.

While we have achieved considerable success after one year of the Hello Change campaign, we continue to enhance customer experience and loyalty by working with strategic partners to deliver even more innovative and exciting offerings to our customers – such as a partnership with Perx Technologies to build in a digital loyalty programme in the enhanced My StarHub app; and extending the Amazon Prime membership to all our mobile customers.