Terms & Conditions - PowerValue 100/300 Student Plan


  1. The Unlimited SMS/MMS is only applicable to local SMS/MMS.
  2. Valid local student pass and NRIC/birth certificate of student under 18 or NSF card are to be produced for subscription.
  3. Limited to one StarHub Mobile Student Plan sign-up per student pass or NSF card.
  4. The Unlimited SMS/MMS is only applicable to local SMS/MMS for personal use and not commercial or business use such as, but not limited to, SMS/MMS broadcasts. StarHub reserves the right to immediately charge any commercial or business SMS/MMS usage at prevailing rates if StarHub determines, in its sole discretion, that Unlimited SMS/MMS is being used for commercial or business use.
  5. Notwithstanding the Unlimited local SMS/MMS provided hereunder, the use of the Unlimited SMS/MMS under this plan is subject to our fair use policy and anti-spam policy set out in our General Terms & Conditions.
  6. Customers who wish to enjoy the Unlimited SMS and MMS promotion for another 24-month must produce a valid local student pass or SAF Card for verification again.
  7. Customers who subscribe to SmartSurf Student/NSF plans or PowerValue 300 Student/NSF Plan will not be allowed to nominate this line as a main line subscription for SharePlus plan.