Terms & Conditions - Online Exclusive Deals

$30 Bill Rebate Coupon Code with Broadband Turbo Gamer 2Gbps

  1. Promotion is valid till further notice.
  2. Promotion is given only upon successful application of a valid coupon code at StarHub Online Store.
  3. Available only at point of sign up/recontract to Broadband Turbo Gamer 2Gbps.
  4. $30 Bill Rebate is given over the first 6 months of subscription at $5 per month. If the monthly service subscription fee is less than $5, the balance amount will be forfeited. 
  5. Early Termination Charge is applicable in the event of service termination.
  6. Broadband Plus terms and conditions apply.
  7. This Promotion cannot be used to offset any existing subscription charges, service-related charges such as device, equipment, activation, termination or any outstanding balances due to StarHub.
  8. This Promotion is non-exchangeable for cash or kind, is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  9. Unless we specify otherwise, this Promotion is not available with other discounts, promotions, special packages or offers.
  10. StarHub reserves the rights to revise any of these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.