StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd

StarHub Mobile operates a mobile network that provides 4G and 3G services. It also offers a comprehensive range of mobile price plans and value-added services to users.

Since its inception in 2000, StarHub Mobile has been recognised for its service innovations and customer-focused offerings, including market-shaking features such as free incoming calls, per-second billing, free IDD calls to selected destinations, price capped data plans, flat roaming rates and more. In addition, StarHub Mobile is a member of the Conexus Mobile Alliance, one of Asia's largest mobile alliances aimed at developing and enhancing international roaming and corporate mobile services for its members' customers.

As the second-largest mobile operator in a highly competitive market, StarHub Mobile continues to be recognised by customers for providing the best value-for-money mobile plans.


StarHub Cable Vision Ltd

StarHub Cable Vision is a media and infocomms company with a $600 million nationwide broadband network built in Singapore. As a testament to the strategic importance of this network, which was completed in September 1999, the company was designated a public telecommunications licensee by IDA in April 2000. StarHub Cable Vision is also the first in Singapore to be awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification for both its media and info-comms operations.

Currently, StarHub Cable Vision offers StarHub TV, the multi-channel pay TV services (including HDTV, multi-screen, on-demand services) which launched in June 1995 and pay TV services through IPTV to commercial and residential entities. It also offers StarHub Go, an online streaming service which provides a selection of the most popular StarHub TV content delivered over-the-top on any device, enabling customers to access their favourite programmes at their convenience. 


StarHub Online Pte Ltd

StarHub Online's focus on customer satisfaction ensures that we make the Internet work for our customers. StarHub Online is the second-largest Internet Service Provider in Singapore. It offers StarHub Fibre Broadband services over Singapore’s Nationwide Broadband Network, providing customers with reliable and ultra-fast services of up to 2Gbps. Its flagship service was called StarHub Cable Broadband, Singapore’s first “always-on”, unlimited, plug-and-play residential broadband service.


Nucleus Connect Pte Ltd

Incorporated on 14 April 2009, Nucleus Connect is responsible for designing, building and operating the active infrastructure of Singapore's Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN). Nucleus Connect offers comprehensive and flexible services that will help Retail Service Providers select and deliver broadband connectivity services to their target markets quickly and seamlessly, bringing a more enriching experience to the end-users. Visit for more information.


Ensign InfoSecurity Pte Ltd

Ensign InfoSecurity, Singapore’s leading cyber security services provider, was established by the merger of StarHub’s Cyber Security Centre of Excellence and its subsidiary, Accel Systems & Technologies Pte. Ltd. (now known as Ensign InfoSecurity Pte. Ltd.), along with Certis‘ cyber security arm, Quann World Pte. Ltd. (now known as Ensign InfoSecurity Pte. Ltd.). Ensign InfoSecurity brings together more than 15 years of experience in the cyber security business with an extensive Asian footprint. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong. It has a workforce of around 500 certified security professionals with skills in the provision of comprehensive cyber security services. Core competencies include design, validation and management of security solutions, as well as consulting, incident response and forensic services. For more information, visit