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Connectivity - the force that drives business

Power up your office with StarHub Business connectivity solutions.


Grow your business with reliable, secured and high-speed internet connection you can count on.

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Maximise business productivity with an all-in-one-plan that offers free unlimited weekend data – a must-have for dynamic workforces.

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Smart UC

Get flexibility and scalability with StarHub’s enterprise grade telephony solutions – we integrate voice, video, messaging and conferencing and desktop sharing features over a single platform.

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Smart Solutions

SMEs are going digital in order to accelerate business growth.
StarHub’s Smart Solutions are with you every step of the way.

Digital Marketing

Enhance customer experience by transforming the way you engage customers with our suite of cloud-based digital solutions.

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Productivity Tools

Streamline the way you manage your business and boost efficiency with our range of productivity and collaboration tools.

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Protect your valuable online assets with our network security solutions.

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What’s trending?

Stay ahead of your competition with these industry updates.

Accelerating industry transformation with 5G

StarHub's 5G and how it will accelerate Industry 4.0.

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StarHub SME Spotlight: Honest Crafters & OGL Medical

Two homegrown SMEs are convinced that technology is key to not just gaining a competitive edge but increasing a matter of business survival.

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SME Roundtable - What's the hype about going digital?

5 local small, medium enterprises (SMEs) discuss about the good and ugly of digitalisation.

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