Now, everyone in your office can enjoy high-speed broadband connectivity, wide coverage and data services.

Switched Ethernet

Static IP



Monthly Subsciption

(minimum 36-month contract)




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Comes With

FREE Router Rental and Installation

FREE 8 Static IP addresses

Recommended for

For companies who host their own web, email, and FTP servers and who need firewall and VPN for more security

^StarHub will use its reasonable endeavours to meet a provisioning lead-time of 14 working days subject always to availability of network, service, resources, access, in-building cabling and tray and the procurement of all relevant approvals. 

Lag-free and reliable connectivity

Access cloud-based productivity applications, business tools and cloud servers quickly and reliably with StarHub’s blazing fast and consistent high-speed Fibre connection.

Quick and resilient

Make video calls, download massive files or use cloud services with consistently quick Fibre Broadband whenever you want it. That means getting more work done in less time, without interruption.

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