Broadband, voice, TV and limitless possibilities.
StarHub SmartPipe is the first unified and complete business Fibre solution in Singapore that brings you high-speed Broadband internet, crystal-clear voice, and up-to-date TV content through one centralised access.

It taps on the Next Generation National Broadband Network (NGNBN) to bring you faster connection speeds and high-definition broadcasts via StarHub TV. All these services and more are optimised within the same Fibre pipe for consistent performance at all times.

A powerful and reliable digital connection for your business

  • Taps on the Next Generation National Broadband Network (NGNBN)
  • Much faster connection speed than traditional analog - up to 1Gbps

A full range of high-quality, feature-rich, and cost-effective voice services

  • Bundled minutes sharable among fixed lines and StarHub Mobile lines
  • FREE number retention
  • FREE unlimited local calls from fixed lines

Real-time business and world news, sports, and infotainment

  • Enjoy the best of StarHub TV with interactive, real-time, on-demand services
  • View over 100 popular, high-definition TV channels including premium sports and news content

Recommended for businesses that:

  • Have small/medium offices with a maximum of 50 internet and/or fixed line users
  • Require high-speed internet and email connections
  • Require TV content (e.g. news, sports, etc)

High-speed broadband, voice, and TV in a single connection.

Find out how SmartPipe can help your business.

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