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Data plans for your business connectivity needs, anytime, anywhere

Enjoy high-speed data connectivity even on the road with our MaxMobile data plans.

Pick from these MaxMobile plans

Take your business with you wherever you go with MaxMobile. From SIM cards to portable MiFi modems, our equipment and connectivity solution ensure that you enjoy the same robust connection you get in the office.


All MaxMobile plans include these perks:

  • Add 1GB @ only $4.28/month with Local Data Upsize


  • All prices inclusive of GST.
  • A one-time charge of $48.15 will apply at sign-up, comprising a SIM activation charge of $37.45 and a one-time registration fee of $10.70.
  • Excess local data charges are $8.56/GB. Data bill capped at $168/month. 
  • MaxMobile Lite (6GB), MaxMobile Elite (2GB), MaxMobile Elite (6GB) & MaxMobile Elite (11GB) are available for subscription as a datapack, (ie. without voice plan).
  • Network Management Rules apply.
  • #Typical download speed is what a end-user may experience 80% of the time at an outdoor stationary location. Full details at Mobile Typical Speed Measurement or Mobile Typical Speed FAQ
Approved Devices for Mobile Broadband