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Sisy's World News
文茜世界周报 《你不可以活在不知道大陆和世界的台湾》

Sisy Chen brings you global financial trends and news every week, so you can enjoy the most professional, in-depth analysis and views of various themes.


Where are we going, Dad? Season 3

Where Are We Going, Dad? Season 3 is a Chinese reality TV show based on the original South Korean reality show Dad! Where Are We Going?. This season features five fathers and their children as they travel to rural places together, growing closer each time.

一档亲子户外真人秀节目,概念参考自韩国电视台节目《爸爸 你去哪儿》。节目形态为五位明星父亲与自己的子女一起到偏僻的村庄或是条件较为恶劣的环境下生存数日,或是过夜旅行体验过程。节目中也考验明星带孩子的能力,并向观众传递正能量,让更多的人更加重视亲子之间交流与互动。

Sensasi brings you the best Malay and Indonesian programmes from top rated dramas to blockbuster movies and variety shows.

“Mengejar Impian” is an info-ed programme that seeks to educate our viewers on the different Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) in Singapore schools. More importantly, these allow parents to understand what their children do during their CCA time as well as to understand why their child chose to partake in these activities. The programme, hosted by Aric Hidir, also invites professionals in their respective fields to share their experience with the students and encourage them to journey on. Catch it every Saturday at 8pm, starting 12 September 2015.


See the latest news as major current and financial events unfold with professional coverage and analysis to help you make the right decisions.

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The latest Hollywood blockbusters, US drama and reality shows and all time classics are here to keep your guests entertained! 

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